1979-88 BUSHINGS BEARINGS for GM Seat Transmissions 20113446 20225150



1979-88  Set of 2 BUSHINGS for Drive Gear & Idler Gear in Seat Transmissions 20113446 and 20225150

GM never made these bushings available individually. They were only available in a complete transmission. 

Proper Parts manufactures these bushings from complex polymers with ceramic nanoparticles. The ceramic is so effective at reducing friction that the bearings run much cooler than the stock metal.

These bushings were used with Drive Gear Input Shafts and Idler Counter Gears: 

  • 79-80 Original BLACK Input Shaft & Idler Counter Gear 20113450 
  • 81-88 Original RED and YELLOW Input Shaft 20224988 & Idler Counter Gear 20113450