1981-1986.5 COUPLING SEAT ADJUSTMENT UB33078 S Rolls-Royce Bentley, NEW



1981-1986.5  Rolls-Royce / Bentley
Part No: UB33078 S

*The same coupling is used on both the driver's seat and passenger seat for both RHD and LHD.

One end of the coupling accepts a 3/8” D shaft, and the other end accepts a 5/16” D shaft.  It is ~1.25" long (31.5 mm).

We manufacture these couplings in the USA from a urethane chosen for its hardness and toughness while still having good flexibility. The D-shaft openings are very accurate and ensure a smooth slip fit to the seat motor and transmission. Guaranteed for Life.

They were designed with more flexibility than the original: When the seat comes to the end of its track there is no cushion, and this coupling allows the motor to slow down gradually, ensuring a longer life for all of the components involved. It is much better than the original. 

Fits Gearboxes that had a BLACK input shaft:  Power Seat Gearbox UB39167 BW 1981-1986.5

Rolls-Royce and Bentley used these couplings from 1981 till midway through 1986.