1986-1987.5 COUPLING SEAT ADJUSTMENT UB33078 L NEW (Supersedes UB33078) Rolls-Royce Bentley



1986.5 - 1987.5  Rolls-Royce / Bentley
Part No:  UB33078 L 
Supersedes UB33078

*The same coupling is used on both the driver's seat and passenger seat, for both RHD and LHD.

Sometime in 1986, the part number stayed the same, but the part changed to the white plastic coupling with 4 spindles. It increased in length to ~1.5 inches (37 mm). This part supersedes UB33078 in years 1986.5 to 1987.5.

Proper Parts has re-engineered an improved design that ensures a smooth slip fit to the seat motor and transmission. The D-shaft openings are very accurate. We manufacture these couplings from a urethane chosen for its hardness and toughness while still having good flexibility. When the seat comes to the end of its track there is no cushion, and this coupling allows the motor to slow down gradually, ensuring a longer life for all of the components involved. It is much better than the original.

If your coupling is yellowing or shows any sign of cracking when held up to the light, we recommend replacing it.

Fits Gearboxes that had a RED or YELLOW input shaft:  Power Seat Gearbox UB39167 RY 1986-1987.5